WOD: 9-14-12

Cue Jaws music…

Strength:  3 x 20 Front Squats (add 5 lbs. to your heaviest set from last week)

WOD:  5 rounds for time of:

2 Muscle Ups
3 Power Snatches (145/95)
5 Handstand Push Ups


For your easy peasy Friday…

  1. We have a strength portion that takes a reasonable amount of time
  2. There is a complex lift in the workout
  3. And some advanced gymnastic movements that require particular spots in the gym to be performed correctly

This is the kind of day that requires a lot of setup, but you know is going to be a good fast workout.  Please be sure to line all of your equipment as fast as possible to ensure that there is plenty of time to do some post-WOD stretching and mobility.  As you finish your workout and plan for the weekend ahead, be sure to get excited for the loads of things that RCBB has lined up.

  1. New gym coming up soon
  2. Sunday Funday is back
  3. Winter Holiday season
  4. CrossFit games are now on ESPN2
  5. 100 Back Squat test again
  6. October Baseline has been created.  Not a timed workout, but this is for maximum weight instead

Like all good CrossFit should be, the October Baseline will be very easy if you go light and just as difficult if you don’t…and no, it’s not just one lift.

That’s all you get,




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